Der Kunstsalon III

Dear All!

After the great success of the first and the second events we’re really glad to invite you to third Kunstsalon!

On November 23rd at 6.30 pm Sprachsalon Berlin will be brimming with art, music and beautiful people.

This time the following artists will present their art:


Matias Boettner
Costanza Gianquinto
Vincenzo Suscetta
Willi Dagmar


Moreover at 8 pm a great musician will delight us with his music:

Gilbert Trefzger


So save the date, get ready and get thirsty!


We hope to see you there!

Your Kunstsalon Team

Meet the artists!

Matias Boettner

Born in 1987 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Matias “Bender” Boettner is an illustrator, painter and filmmaker. With no training or plastic/graphic art school, but film-school, Bender has always been an outsider looking in the world of art, with a range of influences from Francis Bacon to Cartoon Network. His work usually shows creatures having some metaphysical anxiety attack or just tripping out.

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Costanza Giaquinto

She was born in Venice in 1988 and followed the artistic inclination of her family. In Venice she attended the Liceo Artistico Statale and got a diploma in Sculpture; subsequently she attended the Fine Arts Academy for three years and nurtured her passion for drawing and ancient engraving techniques. In 2009 she participated in “Nudisegni” exhibition at Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa in Palazzetto Tito, Venice. In 2010 she enrolled at the Istituto Italiano di Fotogra a in Milan, from which she obtained a diploma in Professional Photography in 2012. In the same year she took part in the exhibition Renaissance’s at Au Gré des Arts Festival in La Rochefoucauld. In 2013 her work was selected by FotoFilmic’13 and included in a collective exhibition of international emerging photographers in Vancouver, Canada. Some of her photos have been published by Organiconcrete, Enquire, Phinest, Aurora fotogra , ISO 400, Worbz, Whattarol, Sunday Morning at the river, Posi+tive Magazine, FrizziFrizzi, The C-41, Saccades Project, Antique Shops & Designers, Vintage&Modern and D.Repubblica.

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Vincenzo Suscetta

Vincenzo Suscetta is an Italian illustrator based in Berlin. He graduated from Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in 2012 and since then he worked on different kinds of projects including set design for theatre and film, theme park design, concept art and graphic design.
After years away from the canvas he recently moved back to work with traditional mediums and play with the subjects that he loves. He uses oils, acrylics, pencils, crayons and Photoshop.

Willi Dagmar

Willi Dagmar (*1984 in northern Germany) works as arty waitress and waiting artist.

Meet the musician!

Gilbert Trefzger was born to an Egyptian mother and a Swiss father. He started playing guitar at the age of nine. He studied guitar in the Jazz Department of the University of Music in Basel and in Paris. He is a multi-instrumentalist and plays guitar, steel guitar, aoud (arabic luth) and banjo and performs many diverse styles of music. He is also a composer. His versatility and creative approach has led him to work with and perform with
different artists, to collaborate on film soundtracks and also write music for theatre and film scores. He lives in Basel and Berlin.

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Impressions from the last Kunstsalon