Grammar course

Grammatikkurs Sprachsalon Sprachschule Neukölln Berlin

You have been learning German for a while, but German grammar is still a mystery to you?
You are still not sure when to use which case? Do you never know where to put the verb in a sentence? Then we have a solution for you! 

In our grammar course, we will answer all these questions and much more.
In 5 sessions, you will practice the most important grammar topics from level A1 and A2.
The aim of the course is to look at certain topics from a new perspective and to take away your fear of German grammar.  


The following topics are covered in the course:

  • Cases: nominative, accusative, dative repetition (also combined with verbs)
  • Adjective declension
  • Main + subordinate clauses
  • Verbs with fixed prepositions
  • Perfect / Past tense