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German intensive courses


If you want to learn German especially fast, then you should attend our intensive courses. If your schedule allows, you can make great progress in a short time if you choose this course format. Intensive courses are also perfect if you want to prepare for an exam or for a job in Germany.

In an intensive course, you need 4 weeks for one level (e.g. A1.1). Our intensive courses for the levels from A1.1 till C1.2 include 12 lessons of 45 minutes per week (a total of 48 lessons for one level). Classes are held Monday through Thursday from 9:30 am to 12:00 pm or from 13:00 to 15:00.

At Sprachsalon we offer German intensive courses at different levels (A1 to C1). If you do not know your level, you have the possibility to take a proficiency test in advance. You can take the test at any time either online or at our language school.

FAQ German intensive courses

What qualifications do the teachers for the German courses have?

The German course teachers in our team have degrees in the field of Humanities and experience in language teaching for adults.

How many students are there in one course?

There are on average between 5 – 12 students in a course.

How do I find the right course with the right language level for me?

You can take a free level test with us in the office anytime or take it online on our website.

Do you still have questions? Then have a look on our full FAQ page.