Online and on-site

Did you learn French in school and now forget everything again? Have you been dreaming of speaking Arabic for years? Are you going on holiday to Spain and want to learn some useful words and phrases before you go? In the Sprachsalon we offer not only German lessons, but also foreign language lessons.

All courses are taught by native speakers and are held in small groups between 6 and 12 participants. Depending on how much time you have, you can choose between evening classes, weekend courses or individual lessons.

We currently offer the following languages: Arabic, English, French, HebrewItalian, Russian and Spanish.

Foreign Languages

Evening courses

Our foreign-language evening courses take place one day a week, either from 6-7:30 pm or from 7:45-9:15 pm, making a total of two 45-minute tuition periods per week. A complete course comprises 24 periods over 12 weeks in total. Groups are limited to 6-12 participants.

Weekend courses

Our weekend courses span at least four consecutive weekends with classes every Saturday from 11 am-2:45 pm (incl. breaks), making a total of four 45-minute tuition periods per week. Groups are limited to 6-12 participants.

Individual tuition

If you’re looking for intensive preparation for a stay overseas or for an exam, one-to-one tuition is the ideal solution. You decide when and how often you want classes, and you determine the content of classes in collaboration with your teacher.